We're Production & Post-Production company for audio & video.

We Provide world class production services and creative solutions for content driven projects.

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  • Award-winning design
  • Super Fast Customer support
  • Email Design
  • Easy to Customize pages
  • Starter Replacement
  • Powerful Performance

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Our vision list

  • Award-winning design
  • Super Fast Customer support
  • Email Design
  • Easy to Customize pages
  • Starter Replacement
  • Powerful Performance

We're creative agency

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Our Goals

  • Award-winning design
  • Super Fast Customer support
  • Email Design
  • Easy to Customize pages
  • Starter Replacement
  • Powerful Performance

Since 1984

Magnamex Studios is part of the chain of companies founded by the renowned film producer and businessman Mr. Carlos Amador.

We were one of the most important 35mm film laboratories in Mexico.

Now we make the leap to the digital era by restructuring our business model, as a production house company which performs production and post-production of audiovisual content.

Similar to Producciones Carlos Amador our predecessor company. For this reason we have expanded our range of services to better serve our customers.

New services:

  • Recording Studio
  • Voice dubbing in neutral Spanish
  • Audio and Video Post-Production
  • Film, Series and Short Film Production
  • Music Video Clips Production
  • Audio Books Production
Who we are and what we do

Get to know us better.

Magnamex Studios, offers the widest range audio & video services, including: Recording Studio, Dubbing in Spanish, Subtitling, Record Label, Audio Visual content Distribution, Song & Musical Production, T.V & Film Productions, Mixing and Mastering, Music Video Productions, Music Distribution, Audio Restoration, Audio & Video Post-Production, Sound design & Foley, and Source Connect & ISDN.

As a Recording Studio, our company has three recording rooms with the best technology, designed acoustically since they were built and equipped with professional tools for outstanding quality projects.

  • Award-winning design
  • Super Fast Customer support
  • Easy to Customize pages
  • Powerful Performance
Our company

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Our Mission

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Magnamex Studios

Our innovative state-of-the-art facility is ready to become your ultimate post solution partner. We specialize on providing the highest quality of audio recordings, dubbing, localization, quality control, finishing & delivery services.

Localization & Dubbing

Our facility located in Mexico City, gives us a clear asset: we provide native talent. Hence, we specialize in delivering content for the Latin American Spanish market. We provide an extensive roster of experienced talent, qc engineers, translators, sound designers, dubbing directors & producers. Our passion is also in compliance with international standards, as we provide the bridge between your creative project and the seamless adaptation to the LatAm native audience.

Encoding & Safety

The privacy of your content is protected by our vigorous safety protocols. We utilize innovative standardized content encryption and secure file transfer procedures. Your content is always safe in our private cloud data center repository with top tier security protocols in place. This cloud solution provides an easy workflow without the need of transferring large amounts of data through a burdened Line to Line solution.

One-to-one Customer Service

Each project has a specially assigned project manager, who will be on top of each step of the workflow and (most importantly) accomplishment of deadlines. They will always be available for you, and will promptly respond your doubts & requests.

Audio Post-Production

We utilize the latest in technology, Dolby 5.1 mixing suite, Streambox remote viewing, After Effects, Vegas, Pro Tools, you name it. Sound design, mixing, editing? We it. In case your project requires some extra love, we provide original score, incidental music & foleys from our very talented artists and composers.

Record Productions

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We also provide your company with real-time security monitoring access of your project in our studios. We want you to be in control, from the comfort of your screen.

Voice Dubbing from any language into Spanish

We offer the best service of Voice dubbing from any language into Spanish, translating, adapting and directing actors, together with the rest of the technical stages: recording and resynchronization of dialogues, mixing and mastering as well as the elements to perform a full project of Post Production, that starts from receiving material via streaming, editing, editing of the image, to the final mix and its mastering.


Dubbing, Sound Design & Audio Mixing for Video, Animation, and Videogames.

Our recording studio services include sound design, final mix, foley, voiceover recording, dialogue editing & remote studio linkups via Source Connect sofware. At Magnamex Studios we believe in optimal sound. That is full enough to be heard, big enough to be supportive, yet balanced to not overrun the communication. Commercial or feature; training or marketing; a good sound design job can really make the difference in the effectiveness of a production. At Magnamex Studios, we love sound design!


Look some of our work:

We invite you to see our company video presentation and some work we have done. (Non-profit material and only the representative purpose.)

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It would be great to hear about your project! If you got any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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